Data Integration in Life Science

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Approaches and recommendations on integrating laboratory data within pharma and biotech.

Why we wrote this white paper.

Over the past decade, data has proven to be a valuable commodity that has the power to transform industries. From transportation to financial services, the future of business is digital and driven by novel insights from data.    

The life sciences industry, especially in R&D, has always produced important data, however, has not treated data as the main product of its operations. This mindset is changing.   

Data is a key output of pharma and biotech companies; this new mindset results in a holistic rethink of data strategy in the life science industry.   

Our white paper details how life science companies can embrace holistic data strategy and recommendations on how to approach data integration.

  • Why connecting life science data is difficult
  • What are the benefits of data integration
  • Pros and cons of
    • In-house development
    • System integrators
    • Product-driven approaches
  • Recommendations on data strategy, approaches and solutions.

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TetraScience is a data platform for the life sciences helping companies connect their lab. Centralize and standardize data across your enterprise with our Data Integration Platform. Integrate, visualize, and analyze your data from internal and external sources with dedicated API and data lake.

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