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The concept of “digital transformation” is the leveraging of digital technology to change the way businesses operate. For the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, in which data is the most valuable asset, digital transformation presents an opportunity to challenge, optimize, and ultimately reinvent data strategy and operations.

In pharma and biotech the greatest area of opportunity to realize digital transformation lies in connecting the ecosystem that supports R&D - instruments, data, and people. This concept is also known as the Internet of Things or IoT.

Ultimately, by uniting the fragmented ecosystem that supports science, R&D teams can more efficiently move the forefront of innovation forward, and the organization as a whole will realize unprecedented productivity gains and competitive advantage.

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Matt Gray, Director of Product
Matt develops IoT products that eliminate tedious and error-prone processes, enabling scientists to more efficiently create life-changing innovations. Prior to TetraScience, he was responsible for the flagship big data analytics platform at a leading mobile app analytics and automation platform.

Lindsey Christensen, Director of Marketing  
Lindsey is driving the evolution of the TetraScience community and their extended ecosystem through events, educational content, and advocating next gen lab technologies. Prior to TetraScience, she was responsible for the world's largest and most vibrant digital manufacturing community.

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How to get started with the Internet of Things

The Path to
Digital Transformation 
in Life Sciences


Download the ebook to read our tried-and-true Internet of Things roll-out guide for biotech and pharma.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify high-impact areas for implementation
  • Recommended timelines and anticipated deliverables
  • Plus industry benchmarks, recommended resources, and much more
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New Ebook | The Path to Digital Transformation in Life Sciences | TetraScience
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